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Vile & Unprofessional Horrid Duty Manager- Mai From Grand Hyatt Singapore Refused Service To Guests.

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Attention! All discerning business travellers and guests with medical conditions! It’s imperative that you heed my advice! DO NOT STAY AT GRAND HYATT SINGAPORE!
They would not provide any medical assistance to the physically challenged individuals with underlying medical problems nor empathise with your difficulty. As for the business travellers, they would absolutely NOT PROVIDE any guests services which they perceive as beyond the perimeters or boundaries of their job scope! DO NOT EXPECT SERVICES FROM THE HEART! It doesn’t exists here! I was the victim of such horrendous and vilest of treatment by the Duty Manager- Mai. I have Gout Arthritis. I require some assistance for the delivery of food (similar room service) to my room but was met with a cold, condescending shrill tone of “NO” from her. She adamantly and indignantly stressed that she or her staffs are “NOT FOOD HANDLERS”! When asked about why she was being double standard by willingly delivering all the groceries and food for the SHN guests but not for the Hotel Guests?!? Her senseless and illogical rebuttal was answering a rhetorical question for a question:”Are you a SHN guests?” She made it extremely clear to me that as long as I am not an SHN guests, even if I had to literally crawl down from my room with my gout arthritis to retrieve my food everytime, it’s not her prerogative to be my food handler, is how she put it!
She made it so personal with me, it’s not so much of what she said but how she said it! And it sure felt very personal. She even stopped the concierge Colin from delivering the food to my room. She argued insolently and told me she would get the Concierge Manager to send me the lists of restrictions and protocols laid out by them which I as a guest has to adhere to!
In all my years of Globetrotting and gracing numerous hotels, I have never met any staffs as vicious and vile as Mai, the Duty Manager from Grand Hyatt Singapore!
It’s so repulsive, I implore all my travellers to stay away from this particular hotel!
Room 1741

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